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Monday, April 6, 2009

45 minutes made the difference !!

“Give me 45 mins” I told to one of the HR teams facing employee related Leave & Attendance problems. The problem as per them was of Leave allocation, Leave eligibility, Leave adjustments & Leave management in sync with their Attendance Biometric system. The employees would time & again bother their HOD’s / HR for Leave / Attendance details. Major of the time spent by the HR was on sharing information & the basic idea of Managing Human Resources was lost. They told me “Abhay, We are duplicating on information sharing in a recurring fashion in turn affecting Productivity” Since the Leave & Attendance information are on disparate systems, we need to compile them on routine basis. We are looking forward to outsource the same…I asked them Since you don’t have a unified system managing your entire employee domain, you are risking your core employee database in this competitive world ?
It took me 45 minutes to present them Infoton’s Paysmart & HR solution enabling one single tool to automate the entire employee domain. Now their employees have individual logins available enabling them to retrieve realtime Leave / Attendance information & also apply for the same. For me those 45 minutes resulted in contentment & for them it was a life long solution.


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