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Saturday, April 11, 2009

“It was the best Product Presentation”

As Payroll & HR complexities are increasing day by day HR heads are looking for software solutions which are feature rich, having functional profundity, Intelligent & yet simple to manage. In course of time I have come across various HR managers demanding unification across disparate resources, They dream for a Indianized system which can completely take care of all their HR & Payroll functions / activities. Matching these genuine demands & wish list of the HR Community, I finally got to see this comprehensive solution doing justice to the criticalities of any mid-size & corporate organization.
The Presentation lasted for 4+ hours with an exhaustive touring of the product, exploring the minutest of features & provisions available on the system. The best part was that I was the ninth person to present such a solution & I new that Paysmart was competing with eight other leading solution providers of the country. Finally when I was about to end the online session of my presentation, a line popped up on my messenger & the lady wrote “It was the best Product Presentation” Lastly Infoton’s Paysmart won over the rest fairing exceedingly well.


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