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Monday, March 9, 2009

Why HR Automation a Necessity?

John & Brian where two friends sitting idle & unemployed. John was weak & lean while Brian was well built. One fine day Brian was called for an assignment where he was suppose to fetch a bucket of water from a mountain hill & take it to the other mountain for which he would get a dollar on every bucket. Brian also introduced John for the same job. They where happy for some days but then they expected growth in their income, so Brian started carrying two buckets at a time but John was thinking something else. A few days later he told Brian why not build a bridge between the two mountains and install a pulley which will pull water from one mountain to another but Brian didn’t show any concern.John started working on the bridge and finally got it working, The water use to automatically get filled & John multiplied his income. Brian continued, but one day got sick & his income stopped. John then made him understand & told him the golden words “We are humans & have our own limitations hence we should rely on a automated system which works for us with speed, accuracy, giving consistently the same output & a permanent solution” Brian continued with a manual system while his intelligent friend John had an automated system work for him.