Payroll Software

Saturday, April 11, 2009

“It was the best Product Presentation”

As Payroll & HR complexities are increasing day by day HR heads are looking for software solutions which are feature rich, having functional profundity, Intelligent & yet simple to manage. In course of time I have come across various HR managers demanding unification across disparate resources, They dream for a Indianized system which can completely take care of all their HR & Payroll functions / activities. Matching these genuine demands & wish list of the HR Community, I finally got to see this comprehensive solution doing justice to the criticalities of any mid-size & corporate organization.
The Presentation lasted for 4+ hours with an exhaustive touring of the product, exploring the minutest of features & provisions available on the system. The best part was that I was the ninth person to present such a solution & I new that Paysmart was competing with eight other leading solution providers of the country. Finally when I was about to end the online session of my presentation, a line popped up on my messenger & the lady wrote “It was the best Product Presentation” Lastly Infoton’s Paysmart won over the rest fairing exceedingly well.

Monday, April 6, 2009

45 minutes made the difference !!

“Give me 45 mins” I told to one of the HR teams facing employee related Leave & Attendance problems. The problem as per them was of Leave allocation, Leave eligibility, Leave adjustments & Leave management in sync with their Attendance Biometric system. The employees would time & again bother their HOD’s / HR for Leave / Attendance details. Major of the time spent by the HR was on sharing information & the basic idea of Managing Human Resources was lost. They told me “Abhay, We are duplicating on information sharing in a recurring fashion in turn affecting Productivity” Since the Leave & Attendance information are on disparate systems, we need to compile them on routine basis. We are looking forward to outsource the same…I asked them Since you don’t have a unified system managing your entire employee domain, you are risking your core employee database in this competitive world ?
It took me 45 minutes to present them Infoton’s Paysmart & HR solution enabling one single tool to automate the entire employee domain. Now their employees have individual logins available enabling them to retrieve realtime Leave / Attendance information & also apply for the same. For me those 45 minutes resulted in contentment & for them it was a life long solution.